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Cozy is a word that was coined by natives of Harlem, New York to reference a style of fashion. It's undocumented definition is a relaxed, comfortable style of dress that fits the persona of the individual. This collection is for the everyday person to be added into their daily routine. bleuzislife apparel is inspired by cultural icons such as Dapper Dan and The A$AP (Always Strive and Prosper) Mob because of their organic intention and viral success. These pieces were meant to tell the story of our background, as well as our intentions going forward. Our minimalistic approach to design gives credence to our homegrown operation. Our use of color explains our desire to offer diversity and inclusion.

The classic "Stay Cozy" design represents the state of mind that it took to deliver this collection. The unique font is symbolic of the fact that this isn't your average merch line. The simple message refers to our desire to appeal to the everyday person. This design served as the catalyst for the entire collection.

Remember to stay cozy in all that you do. We were born excellent and are already worthy of whatever we imagine. Love. 

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