bleuzislife x Ivy's Tea Co.

Read about the first bleuzislife brand collaboration with Ivy's Tea Co. and our latest contribution.

Have you ever tried to give up coffee? Are you currently searching for a new way to integrate wellness into your lifestyle? Do you just want to stay cozy for 2019 and serve a dope aesthetic on the internet? Since I've recently said yes to all of these questions, read about why I chose to support and collaborate with Ivy's Tea Co. 


Ivy's Tea Co. is a woman-owned and operated business that is based in the DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) region. The brand is currently making major waves with its unique marketing, referred to by entities like Black Enterprise as "Hip-Hop herbalism".  Founder Shanae Jones finds creative ways to share her knowledge as an educated herbalist with loose-leaf tea products that pay homage to the Hip-Hop culture. 

One of her latest releases is a memorial to the late Nipsey Hussle, a grammy-nominated artist who debuted his first studio album and opened the world's first SmartStore with his Marathon Clothing brand last year. Since Nipsey's main initiative was to enrich the soil for the next generation to grow, Ivy's Tea Co. released "Nip's Tea" and pledged to donate 50% of the proceeds to an accelerated program that teaches Black entrepreneurs how to run a prosperous business. Read more here.

Collaborative history:

We are currently living in times where the two most impactful voices belong to Black Women & The Hip-Hop Community. To be dismissive of either entity would deem you to be obsolete. Both Black Women & Hip-Hop artists have influenced the success of elected officials, additions to the Oxford English Dictionary and the topics that get sensationalized in Pop Culture. 

Ivy's Tea Co. is a walking realization of the aforementioned facts. It's a homegrown brand with universal appeal. A boundless message that doesn't need to crossover. A common sense service anyone can be sold on.

The bleuzislife brand has been collaborating with Ivy's Tea Co. since January 2018. promotional playlists have been curated to enhance the tea drinking experience of several products. Our most popular collaboration is The 'Sister, Sister' Playlist -- a 22 track curation of 2000's inspired R&B from female songstresses. The 'Sister, Sister' Tea was designed to help with stress and calm the nerves and the playlist serves the exact same purpose. Listen here.

Newest Collaboration:

Ivy's Tea Co. is the first company that bleuzislife has collaborated with because of our shared values and principles. We both believe in promoting overall wellness and directly contributing to the betterment of our communities. With bleuzislife being a brand that revolves music and Ivy's being rooted in herbs, we came together to bring a contribution for your routine.

'Bleuz Control' is designed to keep seasonal allergies under control and prevent mucus build up that forms blockage in the nasal and throat passages.
With Spring temperatures fluctuating at an alarming rate, don't let your allergies prevent you from living the best life that you were meant to experience.
The Marshmallow root is a mucilaginous herb that creates a protective membrane over the mucous membranes. And because it draws water, it keeps those membranes cool and soothes them.
Eucalyptus is a decongestant that can reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract.
While the cinnamon is an aromatic herb. that stimulates the body's immune system, it tastes good too!
Bleuz Control is  currently available for purchase, but will only be sold until the end of this month. 
To purchase, click here: