Stay tuned in with the latest bleuzislife curations to service your every mood and occasion. Each playlist is available on Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify.



An ode to the rappers that I feel aren’t celebrated enough. Some have been my favorites since 2013. Some have just gained my attention within the last three months. Enjoy this playlist and tap into some artists and songs that you haven’t heard before, which is the original purpose of this playlist series. Available on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.



Cozy jazz tunes for a Sunday afternoon. Listen to this playlist on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.


a collection of songs I’m currently living with. mostly new age R&B peppered with some Rap/Hip-Hop influence. be sure to add this playlist on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify


On our most recent episode, we discussed Kanye’s “Jesus Is King”. The conversation led to us define what Gospel music meant to us and we made this playlist of songs that truly move us. enjoy & subscribe to The Casual Convo Podcast (with Chelsea Karpeh & Bryan Patterson Jr.) on Spotify and Apple Podcasts! Listen to this playlist on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.


This playlist tells the story of how I was introduced to Hip-Hop. Southern Rap music in the early 2000's help to dictate the tempo of the late 2010's from organic expression and heroic resilliance. Andre 3000's prophetic "The South's got somethin' to say" quote served as as a lit torch the Southern rappers handed to themselves. These songs proclaimed that originality, community and confidence is all that you need to be authentically Hip-Hop. Listen on TIDAL, Apple Music and Spotify.


kicking off the fourth quarter gems that inspired the Stay Cozy rollout from bleuzislife apparel. follow @bleuzislife on IG to hear the rest of the story. Listen to this playlist on Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify.

House of Bleuz 034

This playlist was designed to aid your post-work wind down or supply you with the necessary vibes to cool out to. Featuring sounds from Salaam Remi & Terrace Martin, Rapsody, Premo Rice, Mac Miller, Dreamville, Jidenna, SiR and more! Listen to House of Bleuz 034 on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify

House of Bleuz 033

this playlist was designed to serve as the soundbed for your pregame rituals, workout routine or your 4th quarter close. featuring sounds from Rapsody, Dreamville, DaBaby, Missy Elliot, Young Thug, T-Pain, Chance the Rapper and more! stay cozy & get focused with House of Bleuz 033. listen on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.

House of Bleuz 032

This playlist was designed to compliment a chill sunday afternoon or an aimless car ride. Featuring sounds from Shawn Mendez, Mac Miller, SZA, Khalid, Leven Kali, Phonte & more. Stay cozy and vibe out to House of Bleuz 032. Listen on Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify.


Nipsey Hussle was more than a rapper. He was a father, husband, community activist, catalyst, businessman, investor, leader and overall HERO. celebrate his 34th birthday by streaming selections from his entire discography. Listen on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.


a playlist inspired by Rap's most valuable player of 2019. Hot Girls in 7, beloved. listen on Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify.


THE LOVE YOURSELF PLAYLIST is an 90 minute ode to the R&B and Soul music that I grew up knowing at every cookout and Saturday morning house cleaning. Featuring sounds from Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige and so many more. listen to this playlist on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.

House of Bleuz 031

House of Bleuz 031 is a special playlist, designed to compliment an easy drive no matter if there's a destination in mind or not. The playlist pulls from the new Dreamville & Freddie Gibbs projects to throwback Dom Kennedy and Curren$y mixtapes. Enjoy this bleuzislife curation on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.

House of Bleuz 030

For the people of Sudan. For the people of Africa. For the land and cultures that we have all borrowed from but haven't given credit to. Each artist/song on this playlist is either directly from Africa or draws inspiration from continent in their music. Go outside and share these vibes. Stream House of Bleuz 030 on Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify. Peace. 

The 'Loved Ones' Playlist

These vibes were inspired by the Queen Marsha P. Johnson. This playlist was designed to support the ones who are currently being attacked for their lifestyle. The only criminals are those who suffocate the lives of their neighbors. Spread Love. Speak Love. Celebrate Love. Respect Love. Happy Pride Month to all of my Loved Ones. Listen to this playlist on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify

House of Bleuz 029

The latest installment of the House of Bleuz curation series is an ode to summer. Sunday morning mimosas, Saturday afternoon car rides and Friday night functions all intertwine to deliver a historic season to remember for years to come. House of Bleuz 029 is a collection of songs from artists that have ruled our recent summers and performances that will pave the way for some upcoming hot streaks. Listen to these outside vibes on Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify.

The "Mother's Day" Playlist


Take time to enjoy life with the woman that helped to foster yours! This celebratory energy was curated to in honor of the women and maternal figures that have given us the opportunity to live our best lives. Make today memorable by streaming The 'Mother's Day' Playlist on Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify.

The "Bleuz Control" Playlist

The Bleuz Control Playlist is an ode to the latest collaboration  between bleuzislife and Ivy's Tea. This herbal blend was designed to keep you ready for all of the warm weather functions and this playlist is no different.
From the club with Megan Thee Stallion, to the house with Smino, or on the way to work with Nipsey Hussle, this curation touches every corner of what a great summer consists of. Available now on Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify.

The "Nip's Tea" Playlist

 The loss of Nipsey Hussle is a vacancy that we still feel to this today. He was the motivational speaker of the Rap community and both fans and recording artists used his music as the map to become closer to their overall destination.

"The Nip's Tea" Playlist serves as a memoriam for the principles that laced Nipsey's personality and belief system.

By being on of the few artists that secured their rights to their master recordings, the proceeds from playing any Nip Hussle song will go directly to his estate. Listen to the bleuzislife curation of Nipsey's discography on Apple Music and Spotify.


The "Sister, Sister" Playlist


 The "Sister, Sister" Playlist is a nod to the relaxing herbal blend by Ivy's Tea Co. that is designed to defeat stress. 

This playlist is a curation of 2000's female R&B artists that provide a certain nostalgia that can cure any gloomy day. Featuring Amerie, Kehlani, Erykah Badu & Destiny's Child.

integrate these bops in your routine to keep your head clear and your mood upbeat. listen on Tidal , Apple Music and Spotify.


House of Bleuz 028

House of Bleuz 028 is a curation of unapologetic women who live in their truth at all cost. The days of women serving a fragile male ego is coming to a close and these women serve as the precedent for the days to come. 

This playlist features special cuts from Solange, Rapsody, Noname, Cardi B, Princess Nokia, SZA, Teyana Taylor and more. Listen to this playlist on Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify.