The Casual Convo Podcast

with Chelsea Karpeh & Bryan Patterson Jr 

The Casual Convo Podcast is a recorded exchange between Chelsea Karpeh -- a thriving classical musician with unfiltered passion, and Bryan Patterson Jr -- a saxophonist whose curiosity led him to obtain a unique understanding of the world around him.
The two join together and navigate the society in which they live in, while using the lenses of the principles that raised them. 
Conversations range from why diverse representation is so important in mainstream awareness to which member of the Migos is most marketable. 

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The Casual Convo Podcast is a society & culture podcast with two very opinionated friends who know how to laugh, debate and disagree. listen as we navigate through our ever-changing society with objective and unfiltered lenses.

EPISODE 2 | "Views From the 9"

For our second episode we discuss the subpar punchline schemes of 2008 mainstream Rap music, the quality of Kush & OJ as both a mixtape as well as a sufficient breakfast combo and why every song on Drake's 'Views' album could constitute as a diss record.

EPISODE 1 | "Music Is Beer." 

For our first episode, we debate about who's the most marketable member of the Migos, whether or not there can be a 'bad' twerk song and why music has a lot more similarities with beer than the average person would like to acknowledge.