The Casual Convo Podcast

with Chelsea Karpeh & Bryan Patterson Jr 

The Casual Convo Podcast is a recorded exchange between Chelsea Karpeh -- a thriving classical musician with unfiltered passion, and Bryan Patterson Jr -- a saxophonist whose curiosity led him to obtain a unique understanding of the world around him.
The two join together and navigate the society in which they live in, while using the lenses of the principles that raised them. 
Conversations range from why diverse representation is so important in mainstream awareness to which member of the Migos is most marketable. 

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The Casual Convo Podcast is a society & culture podcast with two very opinionated friends who know how to laugh, debate and disagree. listen as we navigate through our ever-changing society with objective and unfiltered lenses.

Episode 12 | "Back 2 Africa" feat. Kes Khemnu & Fraxedy

For our 12th episode we have Charlotte artist K.Q. on the pod, who recently dropped his project, “Movies”. We also have friend of the show, Fraxedy, on as we discuss Drake’s influence on Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop’s influence on the world & our responsibility as humans to be self-aware and research our roots. Listen to this conversation on Spotify & Apple Podcasts! Enjoy!

Episode 11 | "Akon For Prezident"

For our 11th episode, we spoke back Charlotte artist Jasmine McCarton, who designs our podcast artwork and has also designed the logos for bleuzislife as well as a slew of other brands.
We talk about the state of the country since the news of Iran, the current presidential candidates as well as DaBaby, Meg Thee Stallion, Drake, J.Cole & how they occupy the space of their celebrity. Listen to this episode on Spotify & Apple Podcasts!

Episode 10 | "2020 Vision"

For our last episode of 2019, we recap Snoop Dogg's recent concert in Charlotte, O.T. Genesis vs Keyshia Cole, we share our intentions for 2020, how we feel about Eddie Murphy's return to SNL and much more! Listen to this episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episode 9 | "Hood Luv (feat. A. Moné)

For our ninth episode, we call up a mutual friend to help us unpack the discrepancy between Ari Lennox & The Soul Train Awards, Lizzo vs. everybody, the responsibility of the present day artist and a lot more! Listen to this episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episode 8 | "The Episode About Nothing"

We're officially declaring this our most RANDOM episode yet! We discuss Kanye, the most popular  liquors from 2003, Megan Thee Stallion's NPR Tiny Desk Concert, how Chelsea and I met, why Kodak Black is responsible for the most recent generation of female rappers and SO much more! Listen to this episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

EPISODE 7 | "Spread Love, Get Money"

For our seventh episode, we introduce our new 'Spread Love' segment where we shout out local creatives on the rise in Charlotte. We also discuss Kanye's Sunday Service in Atlanta, how to build a brand in 2019 and we offer unsolicited college advice. Listen to this episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

EPISODE 6 | "Tales from the Tour Bus"

under the influence of espresso and sleep deprivation, we discuss conspiracy theories, beef between 70's soul singers, how today's politicians resemble rappers from the 90's and so much more! Listen to this episode on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts.

EPISODE 5 | "No Kaep"

For our fifth episode, we open up with a question that more people should ask each other these days. We also get into why people shouldn't listen to Steve Harvey's life advice and what Jay-Z, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Vick and Jackie Robinson all have in common. Listen to this podcast on SpotifySoundcloud and Apple Podcasts.

EPISODE 4 | "Cozy Christians"

For our fourth episode, we open up by discussing the inflation of ice cream prices.We also touch on the latest releases from Meg Thee Stallion, Tyler The Creator, DJ Khaled and J. Cole. We spend the majority of the podcast talking about what it means to be a Christian in 2019 and how Jesus most resembles a Southern Rapper. Listen on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.


EPISODE 3 | "The Nasty Awards"

For our third episode, we start off with a moment of silence for Nipsey Hussle.
We also discuss the influence of Southern Rappers and the promiscuity of Hip-Hop.
In addition, we dub this current era of 20-somethings to be the nastiest of all generations for several reasons. Listen on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

EPISODE 2 | "Views From the 9"

For our second episode we discuss the subpar punchline schemes of 2008 mainstream Rap music, the quality of Kush & OJ as both a mixtape as well as a sufficient breakfast combo and why every song on Drake's 'Views' album could constitute as a diss record.

EPISODE 1 | "Music Is Beer." 

For our first episode, we debate about who's the most marketable member of the Migos, whether or not there can be a 'bad' twerk song and why music has a lot more similarities with beer than the average person would like to acknowledge.